Thoughts: Desires

The desire of the MAN is for the WOMAN, but the desire of the WOMAN is for the desire of the MAN. But how does a MAN & WOMAN get to that point? Can desire have a limit? Can it be controlled?

I capitalize & bold the words MAN & WOMAN because I’m speaking about the state of mind NOT GENDER & AGE

Desire means to wish or long for; crave; want.

They say you can’t help who you fall in love with. I think that it’s true & false. Happy heart is blind, but if you was not attracted to the person could you have met the person to even fall in love with that person?

I believe; when someone can show you things about yourself that you didn’t know existed, make you feel ways that you said to yourself that you was not going to feel anymore, when they fight through anything you make them to go through to be with you creates a desire for them to want to be around you & for you to be around them. The one who jumps the hoops & climbs the walls to get to you see exactly what you are worth & things about yourself you didn’t know about yourself. It’s amazing what people see in you that you never saw in yourself . The one who gives the “TEST”  will realize the work & effort that is being put forth to be with them and then appreciate it, most of all LOVE the feeling that they have been given. They start to feel more confident about themselves, at ease & relax.  It’s has to be amazing when you meet someone who adores you for what you may call a flaw. They say beauty is in the eye of be holder. I believe the perfection of a person or persons in relationships or building to the relationship is to be seen & realized by people in the relationship. For a WOMAN to know that a MAN wants to do any & everything for her with nothing in return has to warm her heart. I know for a MAN to have a WOMAN who WANTS him & don’t NEED him is an amazing feeling.

So I think the DESIRED feeling & to be DESIRED comes or can be felt by simply giving the one who’s making the effort for you a chance


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