Thought: Self-Esteem

Low Self Esteem is something I have a real issue with. I hear & read people’s comments & thoughts. It sickens me to my stomach when people worry ’bout what people feel about themselves. I think very highly of myself. I love my character, my beliefs & everything that comes with me being me. It should not have any affect on you, it doesn’t mean that there is something wrong with me or doesn’t mean that I am not humble. It just means that I have a great level of confidence. I will never understand someone else confidence affects themselves. It’s easily said frequently ‘I LIKE HIM/HER, THEY SEEM SO COOL BUT… THEY SEEM ARROGANT’… How does that bother you? How does someone feelings ’bout themselves ruffle your feathers? It has nothing to do with you!!!

Katt Williams said ‘I cannot bring your SELF esteem down, it is the esteem of one’s SELF’… So, whatever I do to build myself up or keep my self-esteem high, let me have that. If your self-esteem is lower, do what you need you to do to raise it. Get up here where all the confident people are at. To me confidence comes from a strong work ethic. I will never make someone feel beneath me, I don’t have time for it nor do I believe anyone is beneath me. I wish people would stop being so judgmental. Some people might read this & call me a dick head or an ass-whole and my response has always been ‘SO WHAT’… Don’t judge me, believe it or not I am great person to be around. I’m funny, smart & I love to see people around me laughing & having a good time. Yet, you would never know that ’cause your judging me because I’m confident.

I think we need to start worrying ’bout US. Ima worry ’bout me & I like me & I will continue to like me. No one has to be around me like I have to be around me. Me being around me is a all day all, night thing. I got to sleep with me, wake up with me, wash myself, feed myself & dress myself.  So; I like me, I think I’m cooler then pools in January. Why do I have to not like or love myself, because you??? In that case, I’m over you. I will not let you affect me. So don’t let me affect you… I will tell you this, I will never not feel ’bout myself how I want to feel in fear of how it will affect you.

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