Thought: Changes vs Wants

It’s been a while since I wrote on here. One of the most talked about discussions are women seeing potential in a man or the guy that they are dating at the moment… Ladies, boys will be boys…it’s impossible to make a child grow up. He has to want to become a man on his own. In order for him to treat you like a woman he must become a man first. I hear women say it all the time “I’m gonna make him in to be the perfect man”
You can’t make him into the perfect man for one reason you are not the perfect woman. I think lots of women never look at their own faults & flaws. Ask 10 random women “what are your flaws?” 9 out 10 of them won’t be able to tell you anything. At the same time I think women are willing to take a chance if they get the smallest feeling that he is worth it, although most women will want that guy to change while men have to accept a woman no matter how wrong she is inside, even when she comes with baggage and all (if she has any)… How wrong is that?

Side Note

Ladies, you cannot control a relationship with sex. A man can get sex from any chick out  here. Don’t attempt to solve your problems with sex nor try to gain power from taking it away. Have or don’t have sex because you just simply don’t want to. I’ll tell you this… You could be the baddest chick, but the average chick will the one who will give your man the ‘bedroom business’ because you thought sex fixes things so much you couldn’t keep his interest.

I feel that both parties should accept each other the way they are… People change everyday for many reasons… Just pray, when the person you are with makes a change that’s good for you. If you want to affect how that person changes… Do right & have the right positive influence on the person you are with


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