Happy New Year 2011

I’m thoroughly excited about this year. This year is being entered in a different way. I found the woman that I have been dreaming about my entire life.  I know that no one is perfect but it is incredibly hard to say that she is not. Together we are taking trips all over this world. We want to see how small this world truly is, GOD WILLING. Today is the start of the rest of my life. I have all that I need to start this year off right. The right;  friends, business team, church, mentors, family (NO KIDS) & the right woman. This year will be a continuous effort to work hard & smarter, take lessons & learn from them while keeping me my baby faith & steps in order as best we can…

This year will be all about making my brand stronger; mentally, spiritually & figuratively. Before I would jump on any & every opportunity there ever was. I have a better team in place because they know that if any opportunity is given I will take it. Losing sleep for work is nothing or never have been a problem for me. I prayerfully hope that GOD takes bigger hold over my steps. I know I first have to let him take over myself , it starts with me.

Let’s see, keep me in your prayers as I will keep you in mine.

I love you all!


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