Thought: Learned Lessons

They say people are in your life for a season. Some seasons are longer then others. Those who stay forever are there because they usually plan for it & GOD sent them to you. To those that fall or don’t make it for that long ride, you should take the good that they showed you. Relationships are the same way, at least to me. I never understood how some women can be so bitter toward their ex-guy. Now days so many subliminal shots all over the internet. You got twitter, facebook, google talk ect… Well I believe that all the bad/bullshit you might had in a previous relationship is ALL HEALTHY! I like to call it a bullet dodged. It also lets you know what can & will deal or NOT deal with. There is nothing wrong with being picky. You never find a person who is perfect because you or me is perfect. The perfect person for you is completely different only because that is very possible. Past relationships don’t not only show you where someone else went wrong. The biggest thing it does is show you what you did wrong. It lets you know how you wouldn’t treat someone else. It helps you recognize the effort that someone else is putting forth & how it makes you feel.

Until now I never knew that what makes me happy is making her happy… Never knew someone this great existed. Funny thing she says that I am as great as I think she is…


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