I really don’t kno how I feel about this movie. I checked it out last night. Maybe it was the director or lack there of. He has a lot of well experienced actors in this film & new comer who happen to play the main character. Sorry but none of these actors did a good job as far as acting goes.

It was about an over possessive financially successful man in search of the right woman in the process is & goes ballistic & start killin folk!

My problem is this any man that has success that he worked hard for doesn’t have as many insecurities that this guy had. 90% of men is his position & all his possessions are confident, proud & not willing to let anyone in there life; whomever gets into the heart of that man has worked extremely hard to get there. So that man will always feel like he is the catch. He’s the big shit poppin’ and if you don’t know sucks for you. This guy here went thru waaaaaaaay to much to make sure every chick he was with didn’t do him wrong.

To me this movie is such a no go! Shoutout to Toni Trucks who look’d freakishly amazing in this movie! She plays his secretary & she to is from Michigan! Belee DAT


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