Aldar Properties and Ferrari agreed back in 2005 to build a Ferrari theme park in the very wealthy area of Abu Dhabi in the UAE. The park covers 62 square acres and will feature a variety of attractions. While some of them will be the traditional theme park attractions that we are used to seeing, Ferrari World will also boast a unique driving simulators and a racetrack that will be used to give park attendees lessons on how to actually drive a race car. Because of the construction of this track, Abu Dhabi will also be able to host a Formula 1 racing event, the same year that the park is scheduled to open.

Pack your bags, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi has just announced its official soft opening date as October 27th 2010 at 7 PM. The tickets range from 225 United Emirate  Dirhams ($61 USD) for those who are 5’0 and taller while the shorter folks can enter at 165 AED ($45 USD).

They had been planing this since 2008 its was supposed to open in 2009…

The premium tickets that grant exclusive lounge access along with refreshments and surprise perks which cost 375 AED ($102 USD) for the 5’0 and taller and 270 AED ($74 USD) for those under.



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