Easy A

They FINALLY gave the sarcastically funny Emma Stone her shot at a staring role. She kill’d it to say the least. To me this movie show’d how helping so many people can become stressful for you. You can’t please everyone & be happy, because the aftermath of  it can have wrecking ball effect. Of course it had the moment where liking someone for who they are/ real love with matters of the heart conquer all needs of sex or lust; things of that nature.

I’m not going to tell the movie, but she gave up innocence, trying to keep her intellectual good girl image to help a few people and it destroy’d her from top to bottom. No matter who you are, you do care what others think about you. Weather its your significant other, ya best friends or if your close to your family.  You want them to think best about you or at least kno the type of person that you truly are. You are what you put out there!



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