Trey Songz- Placed Tracks! !!!NO DOWNLOADS!!!

DOOR BELL- Trey Songz

   <span><a href=””>Trey Songz – Doorbell</a> by <a href=””>L.Green FreshOutOfJanuary</a></span>

ALONE – Trey Songz

  <span><a href=””>Trey Songz – Alone</a> by <a href=””>L.Green FreshOutOfJanuary</a></span>

LOVE FACES – Trey Songz

   <span><a href=”″>Trey Songz – Love Faces(2)</a> by <a href=””>L.Green FreshOutOfJanuary</a></span>

1. Here We Go Again (Interlude)
2. Love Faces*
3. Massage
4. Alone*
5. Bottom’s Up (feat. Nicki Minaj)
6. Pain (Interlude)
7. Can’t Be Friends
8. Pleas Return My Call
9. Made To Be Together
10. Pleasure (Interlude)
11. Red Lipstick
12. Doorbell*
13. Passion (Interlude)
14. Unfortunate
15. I Like Dat (Freak Freaky Dance)
16. Blind
17. You Just Need Me


One response to “Trey Songz- Placed Tracks! !!!NO DOWNLOADS!!!

  1. Congrats cuzzo those tracks are all laced swell…Can’t hate on Trey dude music is dope…Hope to see his album do well ….1

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