Rest In Paradise Valencia Davis

Sunday God called home a pure angel on May 31st, 2010… My friend Valencia Davis.  A beautiful woman inside and out. She left behind 12 sisters and a new born son Adrian James Jenkins (May 29th 2010) My deepest feelings goes out to the Davis family… She died in a car accident

ALPHA…JUNE 17, 1978—— OMEGA…MAY 30, 2010


I’m still in shock


7 responses to “Rest In Paradise Valencia Davis

  1. I want to know who’s place these picture of model Nicole Noelle. This person is not dead.I do not know this Valencia Davis. But i do know these pictures is of Nicole Noelle Williams. A model out of Miami and she is not dead. Facebook page.

    • I placed these pictures up of this woman… Her name is Valencia Davis… She pass’d and I think that it’s horrible that you are stealing my friends identity. You aught to be ashamed of yourself… Valencia is not someone I heard of before I knew her personally.

      • Your the one who need to ashamed. I am a professional photogher out of Miami and have been working with her for more than 5 years. Check out my site. We have already shut down 2 sites with my copywrite pics of Nicole on it.And in the process of shutting having them taking down. The girl posted is Nicole Noelle she on my site at

        Who every posting these pictures is playing a huge joke on you people. Thease pics here was stoling from her old fan page. And if you go to her facebook page you will see all her friends, husband and family members with recent pictures of her with famil and friends.

      • If I’m wrong in anyway I will be the first apologize… You can obviously where my concern is at. I talk to Nicole & Valencia’s family & I’m really confused as to what is going on.

  2. i understand, Its not your fault. Its the girl who posting these pictures of Nicole is at blame.We will be taking legal action againts her in the state of fl. You can go to Nicole’s page and talk to her 16 year old daughter, husband family and close friends and you will see for yourself this page is a fake. Nicole had a baby girl on June 28 2010. She has delivery room pics posted. We just 3 days ago shut down a facebook page with this girl name Valencia Davis on it using Nicole’s pictures.I dont know who this girl Valencia Davis and she might be dead. But the face is thease pictures that’s posted here belong to a model out of Miami name Nicole Noelle Williams. The very 1st pictures on this page is my work and is copywrite. I have the negitives to the whole shoot and will present them in court.

    • Nicole is the model thease pictures was stolen from. Yes she a real person, an puerto rican model out of Miami.This Valencia Davis was all was all made up from some fat girl wanting some attention. I didnt believe it at 1st until a friend on facebook sent me this girl Nicole profile.Her is the link

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