Lil Wayne “The Knockout” ft Nicki Minaj

I really don’t care what y’all tombout,  Nicki Minaj could get married EASILY! Her body I’d do whatever she wants me to do to it! LMAO MosDef my top 2 hot chick list…

Just cause she looks that dayum good in this video… No matter what color her hair be


2 responses to “Lil Wayne “The Knockout” ft Nicki Minaj

  1. I don’t like the “Knockout” video. Nicki just looks too crazy, she should tone it down. The song “Massive Attack” is way too slow, I think. I think that Nicki is trying to hard to be like the rap Lady Gaga.

    • I’m not a real fan of either one the “massive attack” there is a lot that doesn’t mesh with that record… I only posted that 1 because I loved the look of video…
      I personally wouldn’t choose any of the wigs but I LOVED HOW DIVERSE SHE WAS ON THE TRACK WITH WAYNE.

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