Thoughts: How Love is… To Me

I haven’t done a THOUGHT BLOG in a long time… I been goin through a lot… Ups and downs are crazy, tryin to figure them out is whole other issue. This is an old poem, might  be the first one I wrote… I was 14. Its funny how old things be so relevant… It wasn’t finished til now

Once a pon a time there was love
Love that no 1 could measure
Love was a undeniable force, it came from the heart not body parts
Love will always a pleasure to feel & hear
But Love is what we all fear
Love is as positive as you make it, yet used for all possible negatives
Love frees you from all weight & brought so much pain
Love was stronger then anyone or anything that could happen to you
Love can be a spirit that can always be there for you no matter what life puts you through
Love is as thick as it is thin, at the end you’ll always grin
Love was once in my heart, but one more part
Once a pon of time wont ever happen again



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