Thoughts: What Love Is

There is a big misconception about what LOVE is. Dreams get sold lies get told before you know it, somethings said you wish you never said and you cant take it back.  In the end what takes blame is the name of LOVE. See fiction tells us that its okay to tell white liles, as long as what you say is half the truth & its al-right. But REAL LOVE has never been based on hate and REAL LOVE never will. So many games get played and we don’t know what’s real. So many hearts don’t know just how true love should feel. It feels like more then it gets worst and gossip gets heard. That’s why so many life’s would be better if they knew meaning of LOVE.

To my ladies, no don’t hang ya head. He’s not worth all tears you shed. Ya see they’ll be another, there will be a better LOVER. Therefor you should never wonder or question what happens its meant to be or not to be. See if he is not around baby you don’t need him. See fiction wants to tell you that life is over. Remember, no one thing can break you. Just like no one thing has made you. Fact is no one can love you like yourself. Only one person can come close.

What we should want, want above all? Is someone who’s more then a BUNDLE OF TALK. Who’s every action is rooted with trust. Who believes in right when they tempted with wrong. I believe true faith is measured when no one else is around. Cause when LOVE is built on facts the fiction of the world can’t bring you down. Fact is REAL LOVE never called it quits and it never will.  This is what I believe is LOVE


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