She’s Out of My League

I went to the movies and saw this movie today. This movie very good all the areas it could have been good in. For the comedy aspect of it, it wasn’t way to over the top. Really good movie wit real lessons.
It mainly was about how inner love and happiness conquers all (To me). Love doesn’t care what others think. Love needs to be felt and shown. A happy heart is blind. I realized that a PURE HEART beats differently for the HEART that has a connection to another one. DO NOT FIGHT MATTERS OF THE HEARTS. Cause when two heart beats that beat differently come together and make one beat… It’s got to be amazing. Hell, I have thought I had connection and feeling of me thinking I was there with her was incredible… To bad it didn’t work out… Fellaz if you know you got ya shit together, you got to remember YOU ARE THE LEAGUE… SHE IS NOT OUT OF YOUR LEAGUE



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