Thoughts: Relationship Choices

Have you ever wondered why relationships that you where didn’t work out? Then you started to blame yourself for what they did. It’s always the one who did right by the relationship take the blame or hit the hardest by the break up. What kills me, is that some people feel absolutely responsible for them doing them wrong.

No matter what the situation is, GOD gave EVERYBODY a brain with the power make a CHOICE. We know that its easy to do wrong. That comes with no effort. It takes discipline to right. In anything, stealing, violence and relationships.  Why waste time beating yourself up? Take time out and realize, you doing right didn’t make your significant other do wrong. That person did wrong simple because they wanted to. They must not have felt that you was worth not cheating on. You must know and keep faith that someone will know and treat you for what you are worth. Everyone is different in how its shown and so are you.



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