Tribute Tuesday Pt 1 Maya Moore

Every Tuesday I will be doing blogs dedicated to people. Athletes, Music (Artist) even Models (remember I am an ass and leg kind of a guy) BELEE DAT lol.

Dis athlete is Maya Moore. She is and has been the best player in Collegiate Basketball for at least 2 years. Even tho she had great help. Ketia Swanier ( who is now a WNBA Champion) Renee Montgomery (one of the best point guards UConn as ever had) and still Tina Charles who puts her mark on damn near every play. Still Maya Moore takes over when everybody else doesn’t have it going. Those team(s), players that she has played with did not make a move without Maya directing or starting it. Her UConn Huskies haven’t lost a game since the Spring of 2008. They are currently at 62-0 every game won by 20 plus points. See you at the Championship feel bad for whom ever she ‘s playing .

She is 6’0″ Tall and she can dunk… Belee Dat


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