Thoughts: Who Is The Fool?

Have you even wanted someone who wanted some else?
Knowing that you are clearly the better person for her/him… Yet, the person you want is waiting on someone else & that person has to get they’re life in order.
How long is the time line for someone to get her/his life in order or “shit” together?
Normally its the guy who is after the girl. Girl is normally waiting for the guy she wants his shit together. The craziest thing to me, about whole situation is this. The guy who really has nothing, has the; control, power or say so.

So, my question; who is the fool?
Is it the girl who’s waiting for guy she wants to get his shit together?
Normality is, she waiting on him because of the past. Weather break up wasn’t that bad, she see’s potential in him or she has a child with the guy. Then she starts making decisions based on will something upset him and not make her happy. For whatever reason the guy she is waiting on is not worried bout the possibilities that he could have with her, simply because she is doing everything he wants her to do and not to do. If she is “the fool in love” waiting on change that looks like is not going to come, how long is should she wait? Should she wait at all?
Honestly, if she is waiting for love, its hard to say how long or she should wait. Love doesn’t have a timing bell. BUT their is a difference between LOVE & RIGHT. Doing what’s right for a person keeps the love in the relationship tight right. Bottom line LOVE cannot & will not be the reason a relationship works…

Is the guy after the girl the fool? How long should he wait or chase? Should he wait at all?
Who ever said patience is worth the necessary reward, never said when the necessary reward would come. I wonder did the reward ever come for him. I feel like following your gut will be the determining factor. He will have look at himself and decide he can’t wait anymore.

For the guy who can get it all from her is blessed with history with her. He only has that control, power or say so ONLY because the woman gives it to him. I feel, if he doesn’t do the necessary to keep her and make her happy and he is keeping her emotionally attracted to him, he’s a child not ready for a woman. He can keep her emotionally attached because she makes the mistake of telling him her every move. This is when he act as if he will be hurt, pissed off or strongly affected by it. I guarantee that he doesn’t do that with her. Most dudes in that situation will only let her know what he parading around doing. Like copping shoes, clothes and going out ect. Basically pleasing himself instead of taking care of home.

Me personally its cowardish. I’m tryin not to curse but that some straight up bullshit. To many boys are growing to be girls, enjoying the things women do more then women do. Ugh, gay bitches! That’s pisses me off. These are the same niggaz that will get handed a hammer and look confused as to what to do with it. I’m sorry y’all but that’s fuckin terrible. Its because of these type of guys make it hard for a woman to be feminine. These women have to hard as fuck because men are bitches now days. How can a woman be more feminine then a soft ass, no back bone having nigga? THEY CAN’T! I know I went a little bit off track. But this my blog!
I’m basically saying. It takes more then love for a couple to last forever. Waiting on it is good to an extent. Waiting stupidly whole nother blog. Its easy to start car but it takes gas, oil, air filters, ainti freeze lots of other little things that keep the relationship I mean the car running greatly.



2 responses to “Thoughts: Who Is The Fool?

  1. Hahaaaaa! You crazy! You are absolutely right. Its all about choices and being fed up.
    You forgot a classic line for that guy to get her NOT to do something he doesn’t want… “Well uh… You know what is right and what is wrong” LMAO.
    I feel like the guy pursuing the chick should not wait. Women know exactly what they are going to do THE SECOND THEY MEET or KNOW OF A GUYS FEELINGS.
    Me? I’ll give her a month and maybe a half to make a CHOICE. ME or HIM. She knows the smart decision, lol.


  2. I agree with BMC…Women know exactly what they are going to do and since they normally make the decision based on feeling and not research its usually a bad choice. Its funny how in the beginning its the man chasing the woman and after they get together its the woman chasing after the man…Aaron Neville said it best “Everybody Plays the Fool”

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