Beyonce’ , Worried?

On every web site I’m seein remarks about Beyonce sayin “she loves her husband” to send a message out to Rihanna… Who da the hell is Rihanna to Beyonce???

When I see shit like this… C’mon son…
Rihanna better feel honored that she can even take a picture with Beyonce. If any of you feel like Beyonce will waste time, effort, energy and a argument over “Rihanna” you have all lost ya minds! REAL SHIT…

Most of our Monumental Artist are getting disrespected. I see why Tyrese is iffy about coming back to music. As a new song writer I think its disgusting. When it comes to artist like R.Kelly, Usher,Tyrese,Mary J Blige, Monica, Beyonce, Brandy, Jay-Z and Timbaland who will be Legends if they are not Legends NOW. I think that they are Legends now. For these artist be disrespected or receive lack of respect is horrible. These people have last every ‘New Hot Thing” period.


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