Thoughts: Men vs Women’s Needs & Wants

I was talking to a friend the other day. She said women want to be LOVED , men want to be RESPECTED. Then I seen it on twitter, a couple hours later.  In my opinion, we all desire the same thing. Love, adoration, security, attention & respect. Both Men & Women want to feel appreciated & secure. Translation: Men are supposed to adore their wives, that shows respect for your woman. And wives are supposed to respect their men, that shows their love to your man. Basically we want the same thing but women NEED love & adoration. Men NEED respect to be the head of the house. But both HAVE to be earned. Women now-a-days do not know how to make a man feel like a man. Women like to tell MEN what to do instead of SUGGESTING it. A part of letting a man be a man is letting him make the decisions  (right or wrong) and letting him learn from it. Most of the time its about his memory; turning left, right or keeping straight to get to a destination, what channel the TV show is on, what day the garbage goes out. WOMEN let that go.

There is a certain confidence that I want the person that I am with to have. Her confidence level should be high before I meet her. I do feel like I play a major part in either raising her confidence or keeping it where its at. Its definitely a big role of mine to not let it fall (I think so). A non-confident woman is very un-attractive to me. For her confidence to stay high I must show her adoration & love in different ways.

At the end of it all men and women both want to be loved they just show it and express it in different ways. Women are more emotional and nurturing while men express love through loyalty and protection.



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