Martin Luther King’s Week

As I sit in this gym… Jus finished workin out. I can’t help but think about how I might not have been able to work out or even step inside the door. Mind you I’m at home in Detroit Michigan… Meaning its colder then a swimming pool in December with ice-cubes in it. If couldn’t walk in just to warm up less known use the computer to write this blog, where would be as a Nation? Although we have come far, very far we are not there yet.

I know that its because of the strength and courage of Dr.Martin Luther King I’m able to do all that I am privileged to do. I thank God that he gave the will to Dr. King for wanting others to do better while risking the safety of his family and friends. We really don’t understand how privileged we are in today’s world. I can fly on Airplanes, drive & share the road with, sit down and eat at the best restaurants with EVERYONE no matter what class they are in. I am now judged by how hard I work and not what I cannot control. This doesn’t have to happen at all.

To you Sir Dr.Martin Luther King, THANK YOU

Music Monday’s will have to wait til next week for me… This blog is just for you Sir Dr.King



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