Thought: How much should be given?

When you are starting a relationship or even building to what starts a relationship, how much do you hold back and why?
Personal experiences : Most of my relationships happen so fast. They was done just as fast too.

A lot of times people set rules for many reasons. Majority of rules that they people abide by are created due to past relationships, heartbreak and all the wrong that came with those relationships. So you basically are fooling yourself if you think moving the relationship that you want fast as possible just because it seems like they are the perfect one and its just the beginning. Telling yourself it can only get better from here.

Holding back protects your feelings, true.  Yet, holding back keeps the right person from getting where they should be with you. If you want a mate… Don’t build walls… Build bridges… What has to be realized is that, everything will be great if you BOTH want the relationship and that even tho tomorrow is not promised you are not going anywhere. A slow paced building of the relationship is also good because you learn the serious-ness of the other person too. It’s one thing to joke while your mate is their or away. To know what someones reaction to another persons actions is another thing. Keeping things slow makes the other work to get them. Its always worth it… All that makes you take the relationship SLOW! It helps you find the value in a person too. You never know what you have in common with someone unless you take them time to do so. Figuring out the different worlds of life and how to make it work with one another takes TIME. Slowing things down and giving each other time also creates a secrecy. Secrecy between the two will most likely always be a huge reason why the relationship will work. Every relationship has to have a STRONG BASE, a common ground or resolving place. I think the base of the relationship is key because as humans we are not perfect. Everyone makes a mistake. Birthdays are forgotten, certain plans that are made doesn’t happen sometimes ect. If you don’t have that STRONG STARTING POINT you can’t rebuild from the minor mistake. So I don’t agree with holding back. I do agree with making sure things go slow

So take things slow. Make sure the work that’s put in and the work that’s going to be put in is worth your time and effort. Relationships are not good because to two good people are together. Two great people have to want to make it work.




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