The Legend Raphael Saadiq is back

Ralphael Saadiq is one of the most influential music makers I have EVER heard. I honestly believe he is easily one the best to ever do music. This song “Still Ray” flew under the radar… The lyrics  speak volume tho. Check it out...

“Im comin home to you, wear something see-through
So I can see your heart
For night can never come soon enough for me
I watch the sky all day

Night is where I find you and peace of mind
My days are filled with glee
Thats why I truly give you what you need
Because you love you for me

Good runs all through you, I cant help myself
You found my weakest spot
But better woman to be there to sit next to Thats why I’ll always be with you

On twitter I seen the tendy topic “#musicthatshapedme” The majority of the MUSIC THAT SHAPED ME came from Ralphael Saadiq.  I hope to be half as talented. Check it out

  <span><a href=””>still ray</a>  by  <a href=””>victor_noir</a></span&gt;

The Way I See It album is satisfying for both old school heads and today’s hip music buyers: his background as a musician, singer and songwriter is steeped in a love for R&B married with a commitment to making his own brand of expressive soul music. The Way I See It has the kind of smooth musical flow associated with great classic records made by Marvin Gaye, Bill Withers, Temptations even Earth Wind & Fire. Loyal Tony! Toni! Toné! fans will particularly appreciate “100 Yard Dash.

My favorite song on this album has to be Never Give You Up. Not only is this record like the album has that classic feeling of music that keeps the likes of Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Barry White ect, relevant. New Artist C.j. Hilton, did an amazing job and add the many skills of Stevie Wonder. Raphael Saadiq did what he does on this song, which is killed and made it classic. This a complete song Dont believe me, check it out!
OFF HIS NEW ALBUM “THE WAY I SEE IT” Which is out now.
Never Give You Up featuring C.j. Hilton & LEGEND Stevie Wonder

Raphael saadiq – never give you up (ft. stevie wonder. cj hilton) by L.Green FreshOutOfJanuary


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