Thoughts: Is It Selfish To Not Change? Or Is It Selfish For You To Change Someone?

I think it is selfish for you to want to change someone. Change comes with everyday life. People grow mentally, they age and learn more things everyday. Sometimes people agree with others views on life and life’s values. Nothing stays the same. The biggest challenge about being in a relationship to me is accepting change. It’s going to happen like it or not. Mistakes in relationships can be seen as a normal act. “LIKE” If you (male/female) go out and don’t call to check in after a certain amount of time and the person waiting on that call might let person have it when you return home. Sometimes the person at home might sit you down and talk to you about calling home to show consideration to the other because you both are in a relationship. If change is accepted and not forced it should always work. Don’t be scared of arguments, just make sure you don’t have the same arguments.

The biggest and most important factors in a relationships is that;  It’s a relationship it’s just you, its the both of you, relationships are about sharing, consideration, understanding and growth. At least to me. Sharing is the common problem in relationships to me because staking claim on his and hers is childish. Both of you are investing into the relationship. Weather it be time, effort, money and feelings. To change what is shared will lead to destruction. If I met someone recently and her personality is amazing. She may have different views on a lot of things but that’s really good thing. She might be able to show me new things and vise versa. We talk as if we known each other for years. Realizing that we have so much in common we chose to go further or stay friends. I wouldn’t ask her to change at all I will definitely accept it. I honestly believe that she can only get better. I think that its not about changing at all because its going to be change! So don’t change, grow. Don’t be selfish, share.




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