To the girlfriends of America, this time of the year (January-June) is remarkably difficult for you all. Especially if you don’t like sports.

Finding time to pry us sports hungry males from in front of a TV when a particular sporting event is on is quite the task. See, I’m single and I know I watch too much sports. I can’t help it. It’s an addiction I never plan on going to rehab for. You see, the NFL playoffs are here and while that means the season is that much closer to being over, it also means the intensity heats up. Saturdays and Sundays are obsolete until after the first weekend in February. Once the Superbowl is over, depression sets in that we won’t see pigskin until August. But you couldn’t be more happy about it. Right?

However, your happiness turns to misery all over again when you realize that basketball season is still in play. By the time February arrives, the NBA All-Star Break will have become the talk of the sports world and conference play in college basketball is already well underway. March means the arrival of the greatest postseason in all of sports, “March Madness.” We’ll be filling out brackets, arguing amongst ourselves about who has the best chance to predict the Final Four correctly and just enduring nonstop coverage of hoops. It’s a sports euphoria some would say. On top of that, we could potentially be looking at a Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao superfight on March 13.

So you get through all that to realize that from April to the middle of June you have to deal with the NBA Playoffs. Sucks right? Well, this is the pitfall you take when you get in a relationship. Learn it, accept it and come to love it because we will do the same to you. Look on the bright side, you have basically the middle of June to the end of August to schedule boo-loving time. That is, unless your boyfriend is a baseball fan.




  1. You called it…it gets even worse when our team loses! Ladies be prepared to comfort you man during these playoffs. We support you all year and now its our turn.

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