The Strongest Sports Figure, Still His Business

I would be more worried about his health more then anything else… Why do you care about the rest???

You have to forgive me if when I heard the words “Tiger Woods”, “car accident” and “seriously injured” in a sentence a few days ago, I became quite alarmed.

Belee, with the way 2009 has been going, the last thing the world, specifically the sports world, needed was news of Tiger Woods losing his life in a car crash. Thankfully, aside from a cuts and bruises, the greatest golfer of all time is essentially fine. Physically, at least. Right around here is where I stopped investing interest in the story, but the rest of the world has apparently made it their business to figure out what “domestic issues” Tiger was may or may not have been having at home.

I do not allow myself to become personally invested in celebrities’ personal lives. For one, I’m never one to criticize (much) when I have my own problems to deal with. People have to understand that while these figures are given extremely impressive athletic/musical abilities, they are still HUMAN at the end of the day. Hell, I could care less which politician is screwing his intern as long as he is making the right decisions for this country. He has to deal with his wife, not me.

The media and the public continually allow themselves to put these people on pedestals, but are quick to tear them down the moment they make a mistake. Regardless if Tiger cheated on his wife or not, that is something he has to handle in house. Not with me, you, the NY Times or any other publication. The bond between a man and woman is between them, not the other six billion people in this world.

Before you judge anyone, especially those “public figures”, think back to when you did something embarrassing and people were asking you about it. You were probably pissed and hated the fact people were attempting to “get all in your business.” Imagine that under a microscope. These people are in the public eye for their talents, not how they conduct themselves behind closed doors. At least, that’s how it should be.

Personally, I say we need to focus more attention on how that H1N1 vaccine is destroying people’s lives. Better yet, where the hell are those weapons of “mass destruction”? And why isn’t more attention paid to the Dubai economic situation? That’s right. We’re more concerned about what happens in someone else’s household.



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