Stylish Stuntin Sunday’s

Jay-Z-XXLjay z 050509


Last Week my post was dedicated BLACK JEWELRY. Jay has been rockin’ it like crazzzzzy… The Look is soooo damn Classy wit’ out effort

I’m not sayin Jock Jay-Z, it wouldn’t hurt to take a page or two…
This weeks post for him and Alicia Keys… She incredible last night at the VMA’s. She also did an amazing job on that song. The chemistry was crazzzzzzy, yet very professional. You can telll they from the same place. The strut, the talk and everything is the same…
I’m glad he reached out to her to do the hook for that song. Seeing that Beyonce’ could have done that hook also. He also tried to explain why “All white Lexus drive it so slow, but “BK” (Beyonce Knowels) is from Texas”
As great as Alicia always look, baby got thick legs for years… How do you not like her.

BEYONCE went ham on stage AGAIN… Women hate her sooooooooo much. The girl works crazy hard, She does the routine on stage and sounds better live… If another girl comes to me tombout “she is soo much more skinnier in person” Imma tell her go stick ya self… You cant deny her talent and heart BOTTOM LINE…
She looked good too last night

In words of Johnta Austin “Keep it neat where I eat” LMAO ya’ll crazzzy BIEM!!!


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